Wednesday, April 1, 2015

He awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee following a night of on and off sleep. With a yawn, he got up, put on a dirty t-shirt and walked out of his bed room into the living room, expecting nothing of a surprise except his usual, uncleaned apartment.
"Good morning, Lane." She said.
Startled, Lane replied, "Yeah...."
Chelsea was the cause of the coffee smell. For a moment, he remembered the happy feelings she gave him as well as the feeling of belonging, but those had passed and in their place were feelings not of hate, but of discontent.
"Lane, I really want to talk to. Just hear my out for a second, okay?"
"Sweetheart, you walked out on me. Enjoy your coffee."
Quickening his pace, he walked by the counter and grab his lighter and Marlboro Red's. Chelsea was confused, not saying anything, and Lane had the slightest hint of a smile on his lips. He walked out of the apartment and down to the street, happy about his decision to leave Chelsea in an uncomfortable situation just as she had with him. While walking, he put the cigarette between his lips, and with multiple attempts, tried to light it, with no apparent success. Somewhat mad, lane flicked the cigarette into the road. This was one substance he was not addicted to; merely a simple kickback he liked to indulge in. However, there was still the issue of cocaine. He knew that he had to get busy, or things may become more tempting than they should.

Arriving at the children's home, Lane pondered if this was his place for today; a place where he could offer his wisdom as well as life experiences in order to steer someone else in the right direction. He entered the main office of the building, meeting a very attractive young woman dressed in multiple shades of purple.
"So... I would like to take part in your mentors service. I think I have a lot to say."
"Well sir, what can I put your name down as?"
"Lane Masterson. Yes, I am aware of the pretentious nature of my name."
The girls laughs.
"Mr. Masterson, mentors will be assigned a child to monitor, guide, and provide advice to. There's not much of an application, but, here's what I want to know. What can you offer to these children?"
"Well, for starters I am the CEO of Masterson Construction, the largest licensed construction company in the city and surrounding area. Due to my career choice as well as, uh, life decisions I have made, I think I can offer these children a lot of council as well as wisdom and crucial life advice."
"Thank you Mr. Masterson. We have coffee and donuts in the back room. I am going to go grab you a kid to mentor and spend the day with. This may not be your permanent fit, but, we will see how today goes."

In less than five minutes, Lane was paired up with a 17 year old foster child, and he was actually excited about this pair.
"Hey, my name's Stanley."
"Hello Stanley. I don't know if that woman told you who I am, but my name's Lane Masterson. Today, I am going to be your mentor. I know everyone else is going to be sitting around here all day, but... that just seems pointless and boring. Do we have to stay? Will people check on us all day?"
"Not really." He said. "People kind of mind their own business around here, especially when the mentors are around. Some people are seriously fucked up and need that help, you know?"
"So why do you need the mentoring then if you don't consider yourself fucked up?" Lane said, jokingly.
"Were all fucked up Lane. You could be a coke head for all I know!" Laughing, the kid realized the truth in this situation, as Lane face did not change. He face remained the same, unchanged or unhurt by the comment, but never the less unchanged. There was not a smile or a frown in sight on Lane's face.
"Damn... Well I'm not going to lie to you big Stan. I have abused some substance in my day, and let me tell you this: it takes you no where. I thought I could ride away from reality on any drug; escape the world and everything around you for a moment, just a moment. But drugs ride you after a while... things change after the first few uses. You come to a point where... well. You get the point don't you? No need to get too deep about myself."
"Lane, don't worry, I like your story. Lots of kids my age are assholes, but I'm not. I've had problems with substance abuse as well, and maybe we can even help each other. Now. Do you have a car? Lets go to the park."
An hour later they were sitting on the edge of the hole, with their legs dipping into the darkness provided the depths of the hole itself.
"Do you come here often?"
"Only when I need to."
He pulled something out of his pocket... a lighter?
"Kid, don't tell me you smoke cigs...."
"Nah, just weed. Smoke this with me. It will christen our friendship. Then no drugs from here on out, I swear."
Lane searched inside himself to ask his morals a question, and realized that he didn't have any, so he replied with a "just once" response.
Smoking a joint, they sat there on the edge that day. It was the right decision. Everything poured out of both of them, and instantly they knew they were going to be close friends.
"I went down there one time."
"Down there!?"
"Yeah. Were going there next man."
Lane took a long hit from the joint. His life currently felt like a movie, and he swore, with great focus, that he saw someone, or at least a moving light at the bottom of the hole.


  1. Prophecy: Because of your carelessness, an innocent will pay the ultimate price.
    Dream: You should have a falling dream.
    Suggestion: Talk more about the parallel between your relationship with Chelsea and that of your parents that you're so afraid of.

  2. Prophecy: Because of your carelessness, an innocent will pay the ultimate price.
    Dream: You should have a falling dream.
    Suggestion: Talk more about the parallel between your relationship with Chelsea and that of your parents that you're so afraid of.